Google Photos: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

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  1. Photo search: The ability to search your photo library is obviously nothing new, but you’ve never searched your photo library quite like this. Instead of just searching for dates, titles and locations, Google Photos lets you search for content in your photos. In other words, you can search for “dog” and Google Photos will display all of your pictures that have dogs in them.
  2. Location tagging: Any photo app can read geotag information in a photo’s EXIF data to determine where the image was taken, but Google Photos takes things a big step forward. In many cases, Google Photos can determine the location a photo was captured by analyzing the image’s contents, even if it doesn’t have a geotag.
  3. One-click export: Unlimited free cloud storage for your photos certainly is appealing, but you might also want to keep copies of them on a hard drive. No, you won’t have to click check boxes on each of the 45,000 photos you’ve uploaded to the service — simply use Google Takeout to download them all in one click.
  4. Auto-delete local copies: Google Photos can automatically upload photos to the cloud as you capture them, so why not also automatically free up space on your phone? The Google Photos app for Android can be set to automatically delete local copies of images as they’re uploaded so you won’t have to worry about them.
  5. There is a paid option: You know that big problem with Google Photos? The one where it compresses your images and videos, therefore reducing their quality in the process? Well don’t fret, because there’s a paid option for people who want to keep their content at full resolution. With the paid plan, you get 15GB for free and then you can pay $2 a month for up to 100GB of storage or $10 per month for 1TB.

Source: Google Photos: Free storage isn’t the whole story – 5 best things | BGR

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