How to Nicely Interrupt Someone and Get Them to Stop Talking

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  1. The Fish: You open your mouth wide (like a fish) to signify that you’re ready to talk now.
  2. The Bookmark: You reach out your hand to slide into what they’re saying and add something. Pairs well with The Fish.
  3. The Pupil: You raise your hand as if you were in a classroom. It also subtly looks like the universal sign for “stop.”
  4. The Touch: You lightly touch their shoulder or arm. This usually stops them and gives you a small opening to use to your advantage. It could be to add something, or merely to say goodbye and escape the conversation. (“It was nice chatting with you!”)
  5. The Teacher: You hold your finger up like a teacher demanding silence in a classroom. It looks similar to the “shhh” gesture. This is the most aggressive move and should only be used when everything else fails.

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