Optimize Wi-Fi in your home

Google Nest Wifi Mesh

Recently my father was complaining about his internet connection. He had Verizon Fios and wanted to switch to cable. He said his internet wasn’t fast enough. After walking him thru a speed test we realized he was getting approx 900mbps down on his wired desktop and only 7mbps down on his laptop.

I told him the problem wasn’t his internet service, it was his wifi set up. He didn’t know the difference. Given that my parents live about an hour away I ordered them the Google Wi Fi Mesh system with an extra wifi point. I spread out the 4 “pucks” throughout their home to created a seamless wifi web allowing them to get a strong signal in every corner. Now it’s 700-900mbps down on every device. I told my father it’s like having a Lamborghini, even though it can go 200+mph, you’ll never need to go that fast.

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