Android Watch Battery Saving Tips


I recently purchased the Huawei Watch. The $100 off Black Friday deal was too good to pass up. Sure, I don’t normally wear a watch but this is what happens when you’re a tech geek. The struggle is real folks.

After about a week of wearing it I realized that somedays the battery would only drain 50% during a whole day of use and other times it would run out of juice 1/2 way through my day. I found some Android Watch Battery Saving Tips:

  1. Adjust Brightness – 2 works for me

2. Turn off Brightness Boost

3. Turn off “Always-on Screen” & “Tilt To Wake Screen.” This is done from the Android Wear app on your phone. Open App, click settings icon on the top right. Then click on your watch name.

4. Block unnecessary notifications – do you really need your watch to tell you it’s your turn in Words With Friends?

5. Turn off Wi-Fi syncing – your watch already communicates with Bluetooth. The only reason you need Wi-Fi syncing is if you forget your phone at home

6. Use Theatre Mode when necessary – I take off my watch when I sit at my desk so I put on Theatre Mode to save battery. This function makes it so your watch screen doesn’t light up.


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