Control Youtube with Your Voice with Google Now


  • “Pause” – Pauses the video.
  • “Play” – Resumes the video.
  • “Stop” – Stops the video and quits buffering, works exactly like switching to another app and switching back.
  • “Minimize” – Moves the video to the tiny window at the bottom right.
  • “Maximize” – Makes the video full screen.
  • “Exit”, “Close player” – Closes the video, but leaves YouTube open.
  • “Play on…”, “Connect to…” – Starts playing the video on another device, choices are “TV”, “Chromecast”, or “Console.” Unfortunately, you can’t seem to be able to say the name of the device (such as a Chromecast’s name).
  • “Disconnect from…” – The opposite of the last command, stops playing the video on a remote device.
  • “Skip ads” – Somewhat self-explanatory.

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