How To Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to Android


  1. Back up your chats on your old phone.
    • Go to WhatsApp > Menu Button > Settings > Chat settings > Backup conversations.
  2. Transfer your External microSD card to your new phone if your WhatsApp/Database folder is located in your external microSD card.
    • Please see below if your WhatsApp folder is located in your device’s internal memory.
  3. Install WhatsApp on your new phone.
  4. You must have the same phone number in WhatsApp that you had when you backed up your chats.
  5. Click Restore when prompted to restore your message history.

Note: You cannot restore chat history from any other phone type to Android, or from Android to another phone type.

Also it’s a good idea to copy over the media folder (Whatsapp/Media) from your old phone to your new phone so you can see any pictures in your transferred chats

More details from WhatsApp


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